McDonald's and Taco Bell Still Use Beef

Nobody wants to buy beef that harms their families or the environment, yet firms routinely hide what's in their cattle. Many fast-

food businesses have vowed to minimize antibiotics in their cattle. Some haven't made any progress on keeping their pledge and still maintain relationships

The Guardian found that McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's are linked to antibiotic-using farms and meatpackers. The Bureau of Investigative

Journalism and The Guardian uncovered hidden government records linking the three companies to beef suppliers who use an antibiotic rated '

These antibiotics are crucial for preserving human lives, but their usage in food animals can produce microorganisms resistant to them, putting

human lives at risk, according to the World Health Organization. U.S. Senator Cory Booker calls some businesses' antibiotic use'reckless overuse'

He's right about use. The inquiry found HP-CIAs in 10 of the largest meat packers, with some using seven. The highest was seven for

Wendy's and Taco Bell supplier JBS. Cargill, McDonald's supplier, had five. There were also non-HP-CIA antibiotics, the study showed.

Legally, the U.S. outlawed antibiotics for growth in 2017, and antibiotic use plummeted. However, there is no ban on antibiotics for animal

disease treatment or prevention, and one veterinarian and public health consultant said in the article that the companies were using the same level

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