Coca-Cola Is Discontinuing This Drink By The End of The Year

Some of the grocery store's most popular sweets and delights are returning, but Coca-Cola's other beverage is leaving. The business

informed fans that its HONEST line of bottled tea will be discontinued in 2022 after over 25 years.

The drink comes in Half Tea & Half Lemonade, Honey Green Tea, Peach Tea, Pomegranate Blue, and more, but HONEST Kids will replace it in

grocery stores. Coca-Cola says the child-focused juice-box drink brand is growing quickly, while the original option has struggled with sales and glass shortages.

Older RTDs The company will keep Gold Peak, Peace Tea, and HONEST Kids, so tea fans won't be disappointed. Gold Peak and Peace Tea,

which target health-conscious consumers and offer "multi-serve" packaging, saw sales rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Ongoing supply chain challenges mean we're having to prioritize production and distribution of certain product SKUs, and we've been

unable to meet consumer demand for Gold Peak," Sabrina Tandon, group director, RTD Tea, Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit

Tandon doesn't expect any consumer loss from the shutdown because many HONEST Tea aficionados also buy Gold Peak. Here are the 12

healthiest teas on grocery store shelves for folks who are wondering what to buy after the year.

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