7 Ways To Store More In Really Small Closets

Install shelving units or stackable organizers to maximize vertical space in the closet. Utilize the height of the closet for storing items like shoes, folded clothes, or bins.

Vertical Space

Use slim hangers instead of bulky ones to save space and allow more clothes to fit in the closet. Consider cascading hangers for items like pants or skirts to save even more space.

Slim Hangers

Install hooks on the back of the closet door or walls to hang bags, belts, scarves, or hats, freeing up shelf and rod space for other items.

Add Hooks

Use under-shelf baskets or hanging organizers to make use of the space beneath shelves for storing small items like socks, accessories, or folded clothes.

Under-Shelf Baskets

Use drawer organizers or dividers to keep smaller items like underwear, socks, or jewelry neatly organized and maximize drawer space.

Drawer Organizers

Use vacuum storage bags for seasonal clothing or bedding to compress items and save space. Store these bags on top shelves or under the bed if closet space is limited.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Store seasonal clothing or items not currently in use in storage bins or boxes. Rotate these items in and out of the closet based on the season to free up space.

Rotate Seasonal Items

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