7 Questions You Have To Ask Yourself Anytime You Want To Declutter

Do I Use It Regularly?: Consider whether you use the item regularly or if it's been sitting unused for an extended period.

Is It Still Functional?: Evaluate whether the item is still functional and in good working condition or if it's broken or no longer serves its purpose.

Does It Bring Me Joy?: Apply the KonMari method by asking if the item sparks joy or if it holds sentimental value that adds value to your life.

Do I Have Multiples of the Same Item?: Assess if you have multiples of the same item and if you need them all or if you can declutter duplicates.

Will I Miss It If It's Gone?: Consider if you would miss the item if it's no longer in your possession or if its absence would go unnoticed.

Does It Align With My Current Lifestyle?: Evaluate if the item aligns with your current lifestyle, interests, and needs or if it's no longer relevant.

Is It Taking Up Space?: Determine if the item is taking up valuable space that could be better utilized for more functional or meaningful items.

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